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Patricia Coleman

personal coach and counselor, Patricia Coleman in Vancouver, BC

  • Personal Coach & Counsellor
  • Pure Awareness Coach
  • Advanced WaveMaker Coach
  • Feng Shui Consultant
  • Reiki Master


Personal coach and counsellor. I am in Vancouver, BC, and will help you change your habitual ways of thinking and feeling so real and permanent improvements can happen.




Together with me, you can:

  1. Relieve stress
  2. Achieve joy & harmony in all your relationships
  3. Reclaim your self-worth
  4. Clear mental, emotional, and physical blockages
  5. Remove the emotional ‘charge’ from past traumas
  6. Replace self-sabotaging judgments and fears with positive, empowering thoughts
  7. Enhance other healing modalities
  8. Live a life of dynamic interaction & accomplishment
  9. Live the life you choose
  10. Develop your “perfect job”

With my transformational counselling and field therapy you will identify and release the unconscious holding patterns that limit the way you live your life. They are blocking you from optimal health and stopping you from moving forward in life and manifesting your goals.

As a Personal coach and counsellor I have been on a healing path for more than 15 years. When faced with medical problems not treatable with conventional medicine I took my healing into my own hands.

I found a way of integrating the knowledge I learned through the study of Energy Psychology, The Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics, Field and Chakra Balancing, Relaxation Techniques and Pure Awareness into an effective process to support others to transform and evolve.

If you are looking for individual sessions of transformational counselling with a highly skilled personal coach and counsellor, or would like to learn more about yourself and your environment through Pure Awareness, Feng Shui or Reiki consultations and courses, I offer an integrated approach to teaching, transforming, and connecting the mind, the body, and the heart. Contact me at Patricia Coleman, personal coach and counsellor today.

Tom Stone has endorsed Patricia and her work at Inner Heart Transformations.

“Patricia is a superb WaveMaker Coach. She radiates authenticity and power. She is a shining example of someone who is successfully removing the limiting influences of conditioning from her life. She is an excellent coach and seminar presenter. I recommend her whole-heartedly without any reservations.”

Tom Stone, author and founder of Great Life Technologies

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Advanced WaveMaker Coaching is a new and amazing cutting-edge technology and the fastest and most effective way for us to remove the barriers to living and enjoying the life you really desire. Together you and I will make great strides toward your best life in a short period of time.

Why use The Wave Maker?

What is The Wave Maker?

Achieve a peaceful mind ?

Come Explore and Experience a Profound Transformation in your Life

  1. You will clarify, refine and manifest your deepest desires through understanding how to write intentions.
  2. You will learn the differences between intentions and expectations and why it’s so important.
  3. You will learn to feel the difference experientially.
  4. You will explore your creative potential.
  5. You will get back in touch with your inner child with joy.
  6. You will gently identify and release the unconscious holding patterns that limit the way we live our lives.
  7. You will achieve a higher level of awareness to give yourself the ability to choose how you respond in any given moment.

Do you have past patterns, habits or ways of reacting that served you once, but no longer serve you?
Then this for you.

If you desire to live and feel your own empowerment rather than just reacting from a place of pain and fear then REGISTER for an appointment today with me.

I create a safe, nurturing environment and offer compassionate support, so that you can free yourself from present stress, past paradigms and live the life that is your true potential!

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If you’d like to see my journal about my journey toward enlightenment and divinity which has given me the experience and tools to effectively help others, this is a link to my personal website

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