Journaling to Health

Why Write? Why Journal? Why is self expression through petition important?

Writing strengthens the immune system. Research conducted by James Pennebaker, people who wrote about upsetting experiences showed improvement in immune system function (James Pennebaker, Opening Up, NY 1990).

Writing encourages uninhibited expression. There’s no censor. Anything goes.

Writing objectifies our experience, giving us space, allowing us to experience and develop healthy detachment.

Writing our experiences coaxes dark-dwelling monsters of our mind out into the light of reality allowing us to see their true nature.

Writing is a medicine that delivers a very powerful message to our cells. Whenever we speak our own truth, we infuse our body with the medicine of this truth. What could be more healing?

Writing generates personal power. Writing has strengthened my trust in my own sense of what is best for my healing.

Writing stimulates a mood of healing, and the written piece itself is the proof this mood has taken place and hold to power of further transformation.

Writing enables us to de-stress in a typically stressful situation.

Writing is a tool for integrating physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Writing is a doorway into insight and personal introspection.

Writing clears the mind. The process of managing my time wisely includes managing my inner mental activity. I write my experience, clear my mind and move on.

Writing is free and can be done almost anywhere, at anytime by anyone.

Writing teaches us discrimination and non-judgment.

Writing quickly brings me back to my center and allows me to retain what was/is of value in my healing, and what is not.

Writing helps me feel my feeling fully, honouring and respecting those emotions, then allows me to quickly return back to my inner peace.

Writing frees my mind, my heart, my spirit.

Here is writing my best wishes to you!


Website for more information:

American Psychological Association – Writing to Heal

“By helping people manage and learn from negative experiences, writing strengthens their immune systems, as well as their minds, ….” by Bridget Murray.

Writing to Heal: A Guided Journal for Recovering from Trauma and Emotional Upheaval –

by James W. Pennebaker, PhD. The professor of psychology at the University of Texas. Clinical trials indicates that writing about painful experiences can promote physical, psychological and social well-being.

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