Enjoying Pure Awareness

To live Enjoying Pure Awareness in our life:
First recognize The Core Dynamic –
This is the way of being that has resulted from our conditioning
This comes from a Feeling Level Decision –
This is the decision that is made on a feeling level that has no words to it that becomes the basis of how we limit our experiences of life
This results in the Conditioned Response –
This is the specific learned reactive behavior based on the Feeling Level Decision
Learning and Knowing the Distinction between
This is what is important – to intellectually understand in order to recognize the Conditioned Response and be able to use the appropriate Pure Awareness Technique
What needs to be learned?
This is the combination of becoming aware of our previously unconscious conditioned responses and consciously choosing in that moment of awareness to cultivate a new way of being
What needs to be optimized?
This is the description of the capacity or skill that needs to be cultivated and mastered in order to fully live the new way of being
The Pure Awareness Technique –
This is the specific Experiential Technique that is to be learned and used to dissolve the Conditioned Responses that create this Core Dynamic
The result is a life that is lived in the joy of Pure Awareness!
To learn and experience this way of being I am offering classes and sessions.


Website for more information:
Pure awareness techniques – Great Life Technologies
We can cultivate the ability to access our inner knowing and begin to get the clear distinction between our knowing and our conditioned thinking by using a Pure Awareness Technique called SANYAMA.

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