Healing With Music

Healing Attributes of Music

Artist Type Promotes
Bach All Clear Mind, Sparks Creativity, Helps Break Through
Beetoven Symphonies Therapeutic for Traumas, Emotional Upset, Anger
Chopin All Clears and Unblocks Lymphatic System & Glandular System
Flute Flute Head Clearing, Mind & Thought Process
Handel Water Renewal of Spirit Inspiration, Healing, Joy, Creativity
Mozart Violin, Flute Healing the Heart, Clears Thought
Rachmaninoff Piano No. 2, Good for Tired Muscles & StreesedMuscles
Schubert Ava Maria Beneficial for the Heart, Masculine/ Feminine Balance
Schubert All Therapeutic for Environmental, Disharmonies, Allergies
Strauss Waltzes Relieves Backaches, Beneficial for Autistic Children & Alzheimer’s Patients
Stravinsky Firebird Helps Build Red Build Cells
Wagner Ride of the Valkyries Releases Anger

All versions, Handel to Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah Chorus – Spiritual Healing and Renewal Music video by Leonard Cohen, a great Canadian singer, songwriter, poet and novelist, performing Hallelujah. Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah‬- 2009 (C) Sony Music Entertainment Website for more information: www.leonardcohen.com Inner Peace is a condition that could possibly be affecting your home and workplace.
You may be showing signs of it and quite possibly be passing it on to others.

You may have already have caught this condition. Ask yourself do you have…

  1. A tendency to think spontaneously rather than from fears based on past experiences.
  2. An unmistakable ability to enjoy every moment.
  3. A loss of interest in judging self.
  4. A loss of interest in judging others.
  5. A loss of interest in conflict and control.
  6. A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others.
  7. A loss of ability to worry. (This is a serious symptom!)
  8. Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation and gratitude.
  9. Contented feeling of connectedness with others and nature.
  10. Frequent attacks of smiling through the eyes of the heart.
  11. Increasing susceptibility to feel love from others, as well as the uncontrollable urge to extend it.
  12. An increasing tendency to let things happen.

Warning: If you have all or most of the above symptoms, please by advised that your condition of inner peace may be so far advanced as to not be treatable. Congratulations!

Patricia Coleman

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