Journey To Enlightenment

This is one woman’s journey toward enlightenment and divinity. Stumbling and haltering as it may seem – here it is anyway in all its wondrous imperfect perfection! I am just showing up and putting myself out there with this blog, sharing the excitement of the unknown.

I have always wanted more out of my life and I have always felt, sensed and knew that there was more. At times it seemed just below the surface, waiting to bubble up and at other times it seemed far beyond my reach. If I could only reach further, stretch myself more, push myself up, then I could reach it. The longing has been very real and powerful. It has led me to explore many places in the outer world and in my inner world.

I feel I am doing my small part as our world shifts consciousness and evolves into a new way of living and being beyond duality. Some days are, of course, more successful than other days. I have read that it not the number of times we fail but the number of times we get up, dust ourselves off and go forth again, this is what really matters. I am banking on this being true because that would mean I am doing all right.

This blog site and this writing is a review of my journey so far. For me to take a moment to distill some of the thoughts and insights that have come to me along the way, with the intention they may be interesting, helpful and amusing to others.

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