About Patricia

I have discovered that my purpose, at least in part, is to offer others an opportunity to be their best selves, by sharing my experience, guidance and insight with them. I seem to be able to notice and recognize connections between seemingly unrelated situations and see clearly patterns of behaviour and then understand how to successfully redirect people’s effort to achieve a healthier and happier life for themselves.

This ability comes out best when I am in the right environment, together with people who can see, recognize and appreciate me and what I have to support them.

My best comes out when I have been invited in by others then everything, all our work together, is effortless and we can really begin to manifest.

I have been very blessed to have had wonderfully amazing teachers. Strong, dynamic and in some cases, enlightened. Below is only a small part of what my training and learning has entailed.

I have been taught that it is our way of being that is the most important aspect of our learning. We must strive to be a living example of the states of being we are supporting our clients to achieve. In order to be as effective and successful as possible, we need not only to be free of the energy patterns of our own conditioning, but also to really begin to utilize our previously under expressed capacities, talents and gifts, that have been held back by our past conditioning.

In order to really be able to support clients in learning new ways of being, such as feeling things fully, not looking for yourself where you are not, and not forcing outcomes, it is essential to be functioning free of these dynamics ourselves. This “living into” work actually creates a new way of being and results in a transformed coach who can coach others from a new level of consciousness, life experience and emotional maturity. This way of learning has been my life-long personal commitment and an essential component of my own daily life.

My Education and Training

Minor in Psychology – Simon Fraser University

Great Life Technologies

  • Certified Teacher of Core Dynamics & Pure Awareness & the Power of Knowing techniquesDiscover the core dynamics within yourself and learning tools and techniques to live free of our self-imposed impediments.
  • Advanced Wave Maker Training – Latest advances in coaching technology.
  • Advanced Wave Maker Coach – Examine the core dynamics within yourself and ‘debug’ your inner human software.

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inner heart

The Way of The Heart and GeoTran

  • Gems I & II – Releasing fears & blockages around learning, speaking, writing, finances, self-trust, self-love, and self-expression. Clearing violations & traumas held in your field.
  • Life Mission I, II & III – Find, identify, act on, and live your life mission.
  • The Power Integration IV – Release and re-educate the mis-information that keeps you from reclaiming one hundred percent of your authentic power.
  • Dynamic Soul Level V – Release illness on a soul level.
  • Light Integration Level VI – Releases blockages from being in the right relationships, balances chakras, restores perfect weight.
  • Point of Excellence – Working with the unconscious – forgiveness, discipline, boundaries, and focus.
  • Shadow Work– Working with the unconscious to find the gifts within the challenges we are facing.
  • Building Better Relationships – Maximize your potential for living and caring for others.

Feng Shui – Divine repositioning of all aspects of life, divine placement.

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  • Level I – Activating attunements.
  • Level II – Universal symbols & long distance work.
  • Level III / Master Level – Master symbol activated
  • Master / Teacher Level – Ability to attune others

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If you’d like to see my journal about my journey toward enlightenment and divinity which has given me the experience and tools to effectively help others, this is a link to my personal website www.patriciacoleman.ca.