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One of the Human Software Engineering technologies is called the WaveMaker. The WaveMaker picks up and processes the ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations of everything in the body. It can either invert them to cancel out unwanted resonances or amplify them to strengthen and optimize desirable resonances.
It can invert the energy/information patterns of conditioning, habits, traumas, negative emotional states, stress, etc. This mode is called Debug.

It can amplify and optimize the energy of the naturally occurring resonances of positive intentions and emotional states, desirable capacities, and one’s latent potential. In addition it can be used to strengthen and optimize the energy patterns of the organs, systems, glands, cells and molecules, etc. This mode is called Upgrade.

The WaveMaker has been designed especially for use by coaches and energy psychologists and therapists but it is also a wonderful tool for people in any of these professions as well as for interested lay people:

Life, Success & Business Coaches
Energy Psychologists
Addiction Recovery Professionals
Health Practitioners
Medical Doctors
Body Workers
Massage Therapists
Sports Coaches
Fitness Personal Trainers
Seminar Leaders

… and anyone interested in enriching their life or helping other people enrich their lives.

Using the WaveMaker with the basic Human Software Engineering Protocol and the Core Dynamics of Common Problems™ model, people trained in WaveMaker Coaching are finding success in helping people debug and upgrade their inner human software and resolve the foundation of their inner conflicts. Resolving the basis of people’s inner conflicts is universally applicable and has been found very helpful to practitioners in these and other professions. One of the most important applications of the WaveMaker is removing the barriers to living and enjoying the life you really want to live. Problems with health, relationships, money, career, sense of purpose, fulfilling our desires, sales, business, parenting, etc. all have their basis in inner conflicts. These are the “bugs” in our inner human software! The patterns of energy and information that hold our inner conflicts in place are what we “debug” with Human Software Engineering.

The WaveMaker:

Debugs and upgrades patterns of energy and information either from the body or from substances
Inverts and amplifies frequencies from 0 to 500,000 Hz.
Is very light-weight, durable and portable
Can be used with any resonance testing method, Kinesiology, Precision Galvanic Skin Response testing (EAV), Biotensor, etc.

Has ongoing support, questions, research and results available (our web site, email discussion lists, seminars & phone support)

Is very user friendly, easy to use, to understand and explain to anyone.
Is part of the Human Software Engineering complete integrated system that offers the technology, training, concept and structure to support the debugging and upgrading of people’s lives on all levels of body, mind and spirit.
How it works

The WaveMaker’s electronics include a sophisticated band pass filter analogous to the filter in your car radio that lets you listen to one broadcast station at a time. The WaveMaker can sweep through the entire range of the filter letting each frequency through for just one cycle of its oscillations. This sophisticated filter is made up of high quality analog filters that cover a frequency range from 0 Hz (ultra fine direct current) to 500,000 Hz. This is an enormous improvement over previous devices whose band pass filter only covers a frequency range from 10 Hz to 150 kHz, a small fraction of the range of the WaveMaker.

The WaveMaker is not a frequency generator. It does not produce any technically generated frequencies or wave forms. It picks up the frequency information from either the body or from substances or special test ampoules called analog modules. This source information is then conducted into the device, electronically processed and sent to the body as either a debugging or upgrading signal. It uses the principle of wave interference from physics to cancel out or strengthen the resonance of different patterns of energy in the body, mind and/or emotions.

The WaveMaker is extremely safe. First of all, the energy levels of its output is in the micro volt range. The maximum output voltage is only 1/2 of a volt. To put this in perspective, if you were to hold the ends of a 9 volt battery between your thumb and index fingers (you don’t feel anything at this voltage level) you would be receiving 36 times the voltage of the maximum output from the WaveMaker. This means that the biggest risk of doing damage to someone would be by dropping the device on their foot! Even this wouldn’t do much harm because the WaveMaker is light weight, only 3.4 lbs.

The WaveMaker runs on two C cell rechargeable batteries. The batteries are removed for recharging so its output cannot be influenced by standard household electrical current. The cables are shielded so that they do not act as antennas and don’t pick up the signals of cell phones and other kinds of electronic disturbances. This keeps the signal coming to and from the body extremely pure.

It even has a special circuit in its electronics that senses if the energy level of the output signal is becoming too strong or if there is any outside interference signal. If such signals are detected the WaveMaker’s electronics give an error tone for three seconds after which the unit shuts off automatically. This prevents “feedback” (think of a microphone being held too close to a loud speaker) and any other unwanted signals from being able to reach the body. All of these precautions in the design of the WaveMaker keep the signal coming to and from the body extremely clean, pure and safe.

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