Patricia Coleman

The WaveMaker  ™

“The bugs, or unwanted programs, that we all accumulate through our human conditioning tend to keep us locked in old ways of being that often get in the way of what we really want in life.  These. “bugs” in our Inner Human Software can only exist if they sustain their patterns of energy that are resonating somewhere inside of us.

Even though it seems like it is often our outer circumstances that are holding us back or that life just doesn’t seem to be bringing us the fulfillment of our desires, what’s really going on is that we are sabotaging ourselves with conflicting intentions. The real basis of our conflicting intentions can be found in our childhood conditioning. That’s not anything new. But what is new is that until now, the ways that we are that are based on our conditioning have seemed difficult if not impossible to change. It is as if that is just the way we are. We can’t change this, right? Well, even if we can change it’s really hard to do, right?

Everyone wants more out of life. But so often we can feel held back, and can’t really seem to figure it out! It can be frustrating and discouraging. We want to make progress in our business, our career, our relationships, but it is as if some invisible resistance just seems to be keeping us from having the life we really want.

We all know this feeling all too well. It comes from having conflicts inside of us between what we are inspired to do and all of the inner self-sabotaging, negative mind-talk that keeps us stuck as if in a squirrel cage, spinning our wheels. Well, we’ve got some good news… Now there’s a way out of the cage!

The WaveMaker has been designed especially for use by coaches and energy psychologists and therapists but it is also a wonderful tool for people in any of these professions as well as for interested lay people.”

Wave Maker coaching – is now available with Patricia

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