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What is The Way of the Heart – Geotran/Gems

Albert Einstein said that “the only reality is field” . In Quantum physics, research has shown that all life is organized by a field of information called the morphogenetic field. Morph means form and genesis means coming into being; hence the coming into being inform.

The morphogenetic field is a hierarchy of fields within fields of information that are interconnecting, interacting, and communicating beyond space and time, multi-dimensionally. These fields hold the records that inform our physical form, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, attitudes and all that we are. Furthermore, these fields are inherited from generation to generation and can be reprogrammed.

All aspects of your life are held within these fields of information (i.e. career, finances, relationships, health, creativity, etc.). If there is an area of your life that is not as you choose it to be you have programmed information that is not correct for you. Gems is the leading edge field therapy that allows us to directly communicate with these vast fields of information. By using Gems you can permanently reprogram the field information to allow yourself to be all that you truly are and live the life you were born to.

Benefits of Using Gems

To immediately and permanently, reprogram your field information that is creating stress, fear, self-sabotage, physical injury, and more … and to begin to have more energy and enthusiasm

To take action in your career and life goals

To reclaim self trust and self love

To discover and stay true to your life’s purpose

To release the challenges of learning and restore your ability to digest and retain information

To attain your full potential, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually

To help you achieve joy and harmony within all of your relationships

To enhance many of the healing modalities available to us today

How Can You Experience Gems?

Introductory Course:

Experience and learn the foundation tools for the language of Gems. Mind Gems, Clearings, and Positive Points. Mind Gems allows you to be more present and grounded, release fear, anxiety, shock, trauma, and more. Learn the Clearings to release self-sabotage tapes and balance your bodies electrical system. Use Positive Points to de-stress any issue or trauma in your life within moments, restoring your energy and choice to be in action (rather than reaction). You will learn how to apply these simple and empowering tools quickly and effectively.

Gems of Excellence Seminars:

Once you have an Introductory Course, you can continue to experience and learn The Way of the Heart Gems in two weekends. In Gems I, you are integrated to access billions of new software possibilities creating deeper heart centeredness and choice in all areas of your life. Gems 2 is designed for you to learn how to consciously identify and achieve your goals and hearts desire, and to integrate yourself and others.

Gems Session: Allows you to reprogram incorrect information in any area of your life to achieve your goals. The number of sessions required depends on the amount of information requiring reprogramming. People often see significant benefits after even one session. It is often beneficial, although not necessary, to attend an Introductory Course prior to a Gems session.

Quantum Physics

Are You WILLING to Say YES?

by Kimberly Herkert -co founder of The Way of the Heart

If you were given an opportunity to directly experience and permanently reclaim the Divine Presence and Purpose of your authentic self, free of past/genetic limitations, would you say YES?

Thousands of people worldwide have, using the quantum tools of Geotran to recreate and reclaim the Dream of their lives. Many of them are now serving others in doing the same. Over 90% have said, it is by far the most transformational experience they have ever gone through. They have said “YES” to The Way of the Heart, and more specifically, to a language that allows you to consciously access the fields that encode and inform all life. From the elements, atoms and cells that compose our bodies, to the structures that create distant stars, Geotran is the language of these electro-magnetic fields.

Research now shows that it is the electromagnetic fields (rather than your RNA/DNA) that actually give form to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and their expressions. Our genetic blueprints, through countless generations, accumulate and manifest in us as powerful unconscious and self-limiting forces that shape our lives.

Although many of our limitations seem indelibly encoded, there now exists an advanced field technology that enables each human being to be free of conditioning and restore choice and conscious action.

Similar to the binary code language recognized by a computer, Geotran is a numeric, geometric code language that is understood by the morphogenetic fields. The science of cymatics tells us that all life is created by and comprised of frequency, and that the language of frequency is geometry and numbers. In every Creation story on this planet, life began with: “The Word”, “The Sound”, “The Tone”, “The Song”, the frequency. Divine Vibrational frequency created the Divine Blueprint for life. This Divine Blueprint, or Original Conscious Intention is encoded within the electro-magnetic fields that in-form each of us and may be permanently and consciously reclaimed. Once restored, this allows us to experience a new sense of Self, as well as offering healing to our entire genetic line, past/present/future.

Albert Einstein said that “Field is the only reality. There is no physical matter, only denser and denser fields.” Cambridge biologist, Rupert Sheldrake has also written extensively on the morphogenetic fields. So, if we are inheriting the very limited options of who we are allowed to be, feel, have, create, where does our choice lie? Our Divine Uniqueness? Often dormant in us our whole lives are the unlimited electron fields of opportunities that would empower and inspire our Hearts desire. Unfortunately, so much of who and what we are is in reaction to those inherited programs. For example, the fundamental cause of disease is the inability to hold the frequency of ones own Divine Blueprint. The science of medicine is now showing that the stomach lining is completely regenerated every four days, the liver every six weeks, and the pancreas every 24 hours. Dis-ease and balance are not created in the physical form, but are in-formed by the fields.

Geotran returns us to the resonance of our Divine Blueprints, permanently changing core patterns. It works multi-dimensionally through the double helix, axional grid system of our information fields. Within this axional grid field, billions of electro-magnetic strands interconnect forming what are called ‘spin points’­ the sites at which new information are absorbed. Working with 99 main and over 3000 related points which are responsive to the numeric, geometric codes, the Geotran technology specifically targets the metaprograms which in-form the organs, systems and areas of all our bodies. Because dimensions of time or space do not restrict the language of both geometry and numbers, Geotran integrates extremely quickly both the individual and their genetic line.

Those who have experienced the Geotran Technology report its effects to be nothing short of miraculous. “I have been diagnosed as legally blind yet after taking the Geotran program, I could see almost everything! I am now finishing driving “lessons”, says Faradish Kramer. Mary Hannigan, founder of LaStone Therapy says, “As I experience the depth of this magical work, I am able to sense a freedom from my past and even the past of my parents and their parents.” Georgette Reed, Olympian and 11 time Canadian Shotput Champion says, “Geotran helped me realize there are no limitations.” And, Dr. Fran Ehrlich, M.D. says, “defines changes needed and restores the ability to DO IT.”

There is a vast amount of new choices and options offered to each of us every moment. Are you willing to say “YES”?

Are we In Choice with the Life we are Living?

by Kimberly Herkert – co founder of The Way of the Heart

If each of us knew how much of our lives we are not present in, or able to take choice or action on, because we are in re-action to the hundreds of thousands of daily triggers that activate programming in us (of fear, grief, pain and limitation), we might make the first real choice of our lives: To begin to act from awareness of our Divine Blueprints.

It is truly possible to transform the illusions, attachments and false beliefs that habitually manifest in our lives. Every human being has a perfect matrix or blueprint within the in-form-ation fields that encode and inform all life. The memory fields that encode the RNA and DNA of our physical bodies, also inform our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies: How we think, feel, believe, worship, imagine, learn, respond… These fields are constantly exchanging information, affecting and being affected by, the fields of all living things and they are also inherited. So, we not only inherit our ancestors physical characteristics, but also their dreams, fears, beliefs, loves and hatreds… while simultaneously interacting with all the inherited programs of love, hate, fear, beliefs… of every single living thing. These programs affect the choices we make in all areas of our lives and in most cases drastically limit our choice or heart’s desire.

Albert Einstein said that, “Field is the only reality, there is no physical matter, only denser and denser fields.”

Rupert Sheldrake, a Cambridge Biologist also talks about the morphogenetic fields or in-form-ation fields that organize all life form. Medical research now knows that our stomach lining is completely regenerated every four days, the liver every six weeks and the pancreas every twenty-four hours. So what informs / allows disease of these organs? We are moving from the science of “matter” to the science of “field”.

We will exchange information on an electron level with all life on earth every three weeks! Yet of the trillions of bytes of information available to you, research has found that we are repeatedly choosing the same informational programming daily, even if it is killing us. The average person has six to seven thousand of the exact same thoughts every day of their lives, and yet we have billions of possibilities to choose from. Are we in choice with the lives we are living?

Thirty years ago, an American researcher, Dorothy Espiau, began a personal quest to find the answer to that question, and to understand what truth there was to the concept that a human being is the manifestation in physical form of an organized field containing the blueprint or information of who we are. She discovered that information in our fields become the instructions that create our physical form and the behaviors that govern it.

Her work led to the uncovering of some astounding realizations. Among them, that the human body is a complex expression of sophisticated, multilevel electromagnetic fields that informs the body what to manifest. The excitement began a search to understand how the language of the fields worked. This research led to the discovery that the fields use a language that is digital, and based on numbers and geometries. Ms. Espiau calls this language of the fields GeoTran. The fields store and transmit information in a way that is very similar to today’s high tech computers. The fields respond to a twelve based numeric, geometric language in order to access and reprogram the bytes of information that create our bodies, behaviors and actions that manifest in our life.

The language of GeoTran speaks directly to the information fields of each human being that hold the records of genetic and acquired life information that forms a person and which result in determining whether you will be healthy, successful, joyful, productive, alive.

This means that your brain knows exactly how much money you will make and keep, the quality of your relationships and your physical, mental and emotional health. All of what we call the “reality” of our lives are field programs we have either inherited or created. Unfortunately many of these “programs” we are living are not our true programming or the choice of our hearts. Once identified, the damaging programs can be simply reprogrammed back to original choice for you using the numerical, geometric code language.

The codes are entered into ninety-nine main, and three thousand related spin points on the axional grid system of our individual fields, to remove glitches or incorrect information and restore original choice / information to our blueprints. At the heart chakra of our fields there are twelve orbiting capacitor rings, which control the flow of information from the fields and hold or store information that is then fed to our brains (or computers).

The brain is then the processor of the information. This process results in what we call our “reality”. It is the billions of life / choice -destroying programs (issues regarding dyslexia, memory, reading, writing, speaking, financial, relationship, consciousness, hearing, sight, logic, intuition problems) that are permanently corrected or reprogrammed on these capacitor rings in the first GeoTran courses, called Gems of Excellence I and II. The remaining three levels teach the field language of the heart / mind, soul and spirit, allowing anyone to set goals and achieve them daily, free of stress and sabotage, and to make choices that support their highest intention for living.

For the past nine years GeoTran has been taught to thousands of people, from doctors and practitioners of all modalities wishing to increase patient health, to parents wishing to improve their relationships and their children’s learning skills and emotional strengths. Many people have received miracles, from the healing of major illnesses to the release of life debilitating addictions, phobias and fears, while finding the ability to manifest and maintain a joyous quality of life.

Kimberly Goodenough, an international instructor for GeoTran for the last nine years, released lymphatic disease using this work. She and her partner in The Way of the Heart Daniel, both share an extensive background in physics, biology and organic medicine along with being published in both fine art and the music industry. Both hold the passion and belief that each of us have come to this life with a purpose, and the unfolding and expression of that purpose will bring us the joy and peace each of us so long for.

Sufis say that when one person is in correct placement (on their true-life path), that ten thousand people will find theirs. There is a great power to resonance and that is the added gift of this great work. All life responds to the highest vibration, so as we integrate ourselves to our highest potential, our electrons (which are leaving our fields every twelve minutes to share with all life), also offer every living thing the opportunity for a greater resonance of choice.

Awareness is love. To become lovers of each other, ourselves, our lives, of God, we must be able to be present in our hearts and lives, free of the lies and violations that seek to rob us of this gift. No two moments are ever the same. So each moment is an act of total creation. How much we are missing by not being able to be present in our lives in co-creation, in choice.

It is possible to digest, to transform all that is not beautiful to us, that keeps us from living. This is our destiny and our service to humanity. This is the intention of The Way of the Heart with GeoTran.

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