Patricia Coleman

Tom Stone has endorsed Patricia and her work at Inner Heart Transformations.

“Patricia is a superb Human Software Engineer and WaveMaker Coach. She radiates authenticity and power. She is a shining example of someone who is successfully removing the limiting influences of conditioning from her life. She is an excellent coach and seminar presenter. I recommend her wholeheartedly without any reservations.”

Tom Stone, founder of Great Life Technologies

“Patricia has a bigger vision about the world ahead of us. She is filled with passion and compassion to carry on this mission and try to pass it to people who are surrounding her. I was moved by her each time I talked to her. I learned Geotran from Patricia. It is a very subtle kind of healing. But when you hit the spot your body needs, it reacts like getting an electric shock! Patricia’s long distance healing also works magically. I am currently living in Hong Kong. But she is the one who I always turn to when I need heal. I am also a Reiki master. But I feel very lonely in my journey of doing healing work. Patricia is always there for me. Her compassion, understanding, and healing skill always helped me pass the challenge and unknown once and once again. To me, she is an excellent teacher and a dear friend!”


Dr. Gary Wooden; Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine –

“Since commencing the guidance of Patricia Coleman, I have experienced a renewed awakening of my senses, an awareness of my environment, an alertness to my surroundings.

I have always put my full concentration and energies into my practice believing — no — knowing that this is my life’s work this time around.

I have always had the gift of time — although this is being altered for some reason, and now I feel I am being directed towards a New Goal, unknown but a “biggy”.

My meditations have gone from a pressured time element to all the time and more consistent through out all time.

I have cleaned up (and am still in the process) many loose ends to open “space” for new projects or just “newness”.

My Present Time Consciousness and ability to be there is greatly enhanced.

I now have much more awareness of what I am thinking, I catch my witty sarcasm and stop my tongue and shift my thoughts.

I am more tuned into the Universal Mind and the Innate Communications with patients.

I have removed many feelings and thoughts of limitations.

I can see increases in both my practice and in patients.

I have more love for, and of life.

I highly recommend Patricia as a Transformational Counsellor and Life Coach”


“You are uniquely gentle with people yet at at the same
time there is an irresistible force behind the
softness. Gently and gracefully you are able to move
mountains! I feel your are a very powerful combination
of strength and compassion.”


“What is appropriate is to observe it, and then to do whatever might be done to assist the soul in seeking and making a higher choice. Be watchful, therefore, of the choices of others, but not judgmental. Know that their choice is perfect for them in this moment now — yet stand ready to assist them should the moment come when they seek a newer choice, a different choice – a higher choice.

Best of thoughts to you.

Nadine Styan; Registered Horticulturist and Certified Garden Designer –

“My first session with Patricia had remarkable results.

I walked away with an ease in my stride that I had not felt in many months. As well, I found a new courage and strength in myself, particularly in dealing with my health care professional — a relationship that had previously been overwhelmingly intimidating and unsatisfactory to me.

The most profound changes have been in the area of self-discovery and awareness that have lead to new enlightenments in my process of self-evolution.

For anyone who is currently in a process of self-evolution, I highly recommend seeking assistance from Patricia as a way of fast-tracking the process.

Patricia, I want you to know that I believe in the work that you do and am thankful for people like you and Rod and the difference you make to the world.

In love and light”

Cathy M.; – “I am extremely impressed with GeoTran. My self-esteem has improved and my quality of life is better with GeoTran. I practice it (my mind gems) daily.

I am 39 and single. I have been in six wedding parties, maid of honour in most of them and for the first time I was able to give a speech. Patricia, with GeoTran prepared and coached me, more so than the public speaking course I had taken a year earlier. The wedding speech I gave went well and moved several others attending to come up impromptu and say a few heartfelt words.

I have found this work helps relieve depression in a way nothing else has been effective. I have decided to switch again to a 4-day workweek and do not feel the embarrassment around it I once did. I have changed my living arrangements recently and am happy to have roommates again after ten years of living on my own.

I get very busy at times and have a hectic schedule, with body aches and pains from several car accidents. Patricia, with GeoTran and Reiki, has helped me to relax and yet have energy and motivation/drive. I find it focuses my thoughts and enables me, with Patricia’s guidance, to have clarity on what I want and need in life.

I choose to pay for GeoTran sessions since the counsellors I have seen through Employee Family Assistants and BC Medical do not meet my needs. Often their focus was to write a prescription and send me on my way. And I just feel more pressure when the doctor only spends ten minutes with me, and then leaves.

I often feel at peace in Patricia’s office and through experience know I will have the full hour, or hour and a half appointment I have scheduled. I feel I have her undivided attention.

When my 80-year-old father was seriously ill in the hospital for two months, I believe that it was Patricia and her healing instrument that she brought to the hospital that enabled him to get better. We had all been praying for him and I believe that the healing circle — Dad, Me and Patricia with the healing Puck — enabled him to go home.

I still go to GeoTran sessions in attempt to deal with unattended areas of my life. Patricia is like a life coach. It is interesting how everything is interrelated and the pieces of the puzzle fall into place with work and the trust/guidance of Patricia/GeoTran.”

Jacqueline; Student of healing and energy, Reiki master – “I have a lot of gratitude for Patricia Coleman. We were introduced at a Geotran Introductory course in March of this year. I as a student and she as a teacher. We connected that day and since the bond has become very strong. She has been helping me with personal issues through the use of Geotran, Reiki and other healing instruments – very successfully I would add.

I have Reiki I and II and in November of 2004 I will add Geotran Courses to my knowledge base. Patricia has been very instrumental in my pursuing my true life journey. Part of that journey is to become a teacher and healer of peaceful energy and healing.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. That happened this year for me in meeting Patricia. Thank you Patricia for all you have done to help me!

Love, light, energy & healing”

Belen Chua; Accredited Cruise Consultant –

“Unity, Harmony, Balance.

During an integration session, I am filled with a sense of openness;
a feeling that leads me to focus upon a direction
which I wish to accomplish.

As a result, I become at ease, able to experience the
unifying energy working both internally and externally.
In the end, I am left with a feeling of satisfaction,
as my body feels calm and rebalanced.

This feeling of being in touch translated to a sense of being in control, and the ability to proceed with daily life with ease.

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for
Patricia Coleman, as I support her work and believe in its effects.”

“Hi Patricia,

I like the way you are present at my appointments, and seem to hear, and remember what I say and why it was important to me. Being heard is invaluable. You are also smart and creative and are gentle in getting the messages across without allowing any judgments to be involved or guilt. That might be a Catholic thing on my part, but it is an awesome quality that you have. You allow “happy” to be a goal and not have guilt around it for others, and work at getting that message heard. Also, your approach does not insinuate less intelligence, grace, personality or life on the part of the client. I have personally been told recently that you are my lifeline by another person who does deep personal work with clients. I can only assume that your gifts are also similarly used on others. This is not the type of work that I would normally do. If it were not for my massage therapist of 8 years highly recommending you, I doubt that I would have tried it. It has changed my life. When someone asks me about a Life Coach, or Geotran, I say that YOU are good. I don’t know about others who do this type of work, but I know that Patricia is good at it. She looks at what you need the most, and helps to keep your focus there. I try not to say too much about the energy work it involves because I know that I did not understand it when I started out. Sometimes the way it happens is not easy and gentle – i.e. health problems on my part – but I look at the plus side of it & have help trusting that it is for the best. You also help with that. Your having lived health problems, life, etc helps me to trust that you know what it takes, and can achieve it. Also, your honesty about having to keep working at this stuff, although difficult to hear, is probably what I need to hear, discouraging as it is. Although your message is grounded, tried and true, and you help me to keep plugging away, I sometimes find that an appointment with you is like taking a magic pill and helps for an immediate quick fix. Using the tools to have a better life is important to me, and you helping to peel away the layers of the onion help to see what a better life is for me.

I am grateful for the work that you do, and what you do over & above that.


C. A.

Linda Brown –

“I have known Patricia Coleman for many years.

In the past three years she has been a constant source of information.
I have been able to look deeper into myself with her knowledge.
I have started many alternative remedies to enlighten my mind.
She encouraged me to start meditation.

If I have a problem with work or with family and friends her calm and practiced method of explaining is inspirational.

Patricia has been interested in spiritual practice much longer than I. She has been studying Qigong and Buddhism, Reiki, Tai Chi, reflexology, channeling of energy, and I have learned much from her about spiritual healing.

I have also been guided by her to other valuable contacts for energy massage and chiropractic expertise.

I thank you Patricia! All the best.”

Brenda Lipp –

“While Patricia was doing me a big favour, looking after my 19 year-old cat while I was away on a 10 day vacation, she practiced her “healing touch” gift on Jenny.

Jenny has had hair loss and bumps along a part of her back by her tail for years. I have tried many things from the veterinarians to help it heal and to help Jenny not dig and bite at it, but nothing has worked well. I even used the cone around her head at one point so she would not make it worse by biting, but stopped that because it seemed so hard on the poor little thing. Often lately it has been bleeding and she has been unhappy. Her back was always hot to the touch and always seemed too painful or sensitive for her when I tried to pet her in that area.

When I returned home from my vacation, I found, a very much happier and healthier pussycat. Patricia was able to help start the back to heal and stop the hair from falling out and now the hair is growing back. Jenny’s back also does not feel hot to the touch anymore and she will let me pet her there now.

With the combination of Reiki and Rescue Remedy for Pets, Patricia was able to help my beautiful 19 year-old Jenny become beautiful and healthy once again. I am very thankful for her healing gift.”

Michelle; Writer & Editor –

“When I first met Patricia Coleman for a session, I expected the experience to be more physical than mental. Between my body and the energy surrounding me, I assumed my mind would have little to do with any transitions that may occur.

I suppose part of my reason for thinking this way was that I went to see Patricia for physical problems, including endometriosis, and intestinal and kidney pain. So, when she began discussing with me the concerns, hopes, and expectations I had about my past, present, and future, I was surprised.

Over the next few months, however, it became clear to me how significant the integration of the mind or psyche was with the body. Seeing Patricia was like going for counselling or therapy, only better because the changes she helped me secure occurred at the physical and the mental level. As my physical pain began to lessen, my thinking patterns and emotions began to change — and vice versa.

Perhaps most importantly I learned from Patricia not only how powerful I am, but also how responsible I am for my own well-being. Although she was the key to changing my life, and continues to guide me through the process, I have finally realized my own ability to obtain change. After all, living a life that is wholesome, peaceful, and healthy takes a willingness to find and maintain those qualities. And as easy as it is to talk about and believe in such qualities, it takes someone exceptional to help you live them.”

Bruce Allan –

“From the moment we met, I felt a warm and tender presence, someone who cares about what they “teach” and a caring for the student who is there to learn. You have a unique ability to put teaching points across in a manner that the student

You ask questions. Not meant in an unkindly way, just that the questions make the student think about their situation. Also the way in which you ask the question is good; low key, not aggressive so that student is not put on the spot or feels intimidated.

Willing to answer questions ever so patiently, especially when it is something that you have taught the student many times before….very noble quality, not to loose patience with repeated questions about the same subject.

You speak from your heart about your own issues for the most part. I feel that you share a lot with the gathering group and how powerful is that. Occasionally I have a feeling that you don’t let it all out, but that maybe more a function of the circumstances of the time; there is a right time and place to be “very open”.

You are dogmatic about certain things when it comes to protocol of Reiki or Gems (which is very good) and then you can relax about other matters which are less important in the way they are carried out. Even when being dogmatic you come across as caring about the respect of the particular subject.

You have unique talents that are “God” given. You have insights into my energy fields that are most helpful (I can only speak of my personal experience on this one). In our sessions it is interesting to listen to what you have observed. No judgment on the observations.

I have not seen you judge a student, although it must be hard not to sometimes. Peoples issues easily push buttons. You ask appropriate questions to get the student to think about their situation or the comment that they made.”

Mary Arden-

  • “You are very charismatic and magnetic. People like to hang out with you, talk with you. People tend to be curious about you.
  • You can develop community and group energy. You know how to build a group or community of people around you or your interests.
  • Young at heart, very young looking and acting.
  • Unique way of seeing things – can put a positive spin on almost any situation.
  • Pretty good resilience in “hanging in” when things get challenging.”

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