Patricia Coleman

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Pure Awareness and the Power of Knowing!

Break through the illusion Learn cutting edge technologies to get out of your own way and jump speed your GROWTH, CONSCIOUSNESS & EVOLUTION!

Classes: TBA 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Catch the Wave with Wavemaker Coaching

The Wave Maker(TM)…One of the most important applications is removing the barriers to living and enjoying the life you really want to live. Problems with health, relationships, money, career, sense of purpose, fulfilling our desires, etc. all have their basis in inner conflicts. Why use The Wave Maker? What is The Wave Maker? Achieve a peaceful mind with the wavemaker Book a session with Patricia to discover the core dynamics within us and ‚Äúdebug” our inner human software!


Activating attunements for healing oneself and others.

What is Reiki? Course Dates & Information

Level I – TBA Level II -TBA Level III /

Master – Master /Teacher Level: Personal Appointment – The Levels of Reiki


Life Mission & Self Nurture


Transforming One’s Life – Finding & living your Life Mission and learning to love yourself.

Life Mission
Self Nurture
Self Nourishment

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Tools for empowering your life private classes in:

Visualization Health Techniques Transformational Counseling

Wave Maker Coaching Field Therapy

Breath Work

Life Coach

Feng Shui


Talks and Demos ongoing.

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