Patricia Coleman - chronicles
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012_1 Spiritual energy
014_1 Ascending the stairs
060_1 Adobe orange & red
cent_1 Natures beauty
oregreflct Reflections
pc_1 A nurturer of plants
pc_2 Contemplation
snow Winters Beauty
Ubuntu_1 We are all together
birchbysnst Sunset at Birch Bay
Shaolin Temple Shaolin Temple
Garden Joy Garden Joy
Serenity Serenity
Love at Sunset Love at Sunset
sacred buddhist relics Sacred buddhist relics
Similkameen River BC Similkameen River BC
Reverance Reverance
faith Faith
Long Beach BC Long Beach BC
giant oak A little nut
An older wiser nut An older wiser nut
Maitreya at Thrangu Maitreya at Thrangu