Patricia Coleman

WaveMaker can Help you Achieve a Peaceful Mind

Permanently Reduce / Eliminate the Symptoms of ADD-ADHD*

A fast and inexpensive solution to the many disruptions of ADD-ADHD

This is an extraordinary new approach to wiping out one of the major underlying causes of ADD/ADHD. It is a safe, drug free, permanent approach to helping overcome some of the problems children and adults experience when they live with symptoms of ADD-ADHD.

Breakthroughs in research have found that 60% of our population would test positive for TB-miasm, an inherited pattern of energy that causes a disturbance to the nervous system. When a person exhibits the upper levels of this condition, it is often called ADD-ADHD, while others at lower undiagnosed levels may exhibit the following tendencies:

  • Difficulty maintaining focus and concentration
  • Exhibit constant movement and nervous motion, acting out and causing disruption
  • Difficulty in maintaining calm in stressful situations
  • Being anxious, nervous and moody when trying to make important decisions
  • Needing to constantly re-read material in order to understand the meaning
  • Disorganization of thinking and “brain fog”
  • What will you experience once you upgrade your nervous system and reduce these effects?

  • Comprehend the meaning of written material easily
  • Express yourself more clearly in written form
  • Overcome procrastination and easily solve problems
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and nervousness
  • Establish a natural sense of priorities
  • Increased ability to focus, concentrate and think clearly
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    More information on the process available at

    Some examples of what people have said post treatment:

  • “Wow, it’s like I’ve had a brain transplant.”
  • “90% of his nervous body movement went away.”
  • “It felt as if the fog that was covering my brain just vanished.”
  • “I don’t have to re-read instructions or documents; I get it the first time.”
  • *We do not recommend eliminating or changing any medications that you may be on without consulting your doctor.

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