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Testimony of the Power of Knowing & Pure Awareness Workshop

It has been one week since I took the Pure Awareness course and I am still in awe. This course offers tools that are very simple to use but wonderfully effective. I can not remember when I have sailed through a week on a steady even keel as I have this last week. All that went on around me I did not feel immediately involved or overwhelmed, I could be there but be an observer not a player. I have felt confident and strong in my thoughts and decisions, now knowing that I am the only one putting obstacles in my way.

Thank you Patricia for sharing this great study and realizing that we all can benefit from this in our lives. If it were up to me I would say everyone should take this course. Truly in awe, Christina.


Taking the Pure Awareness course was a very interesting experience.  I had been told I would “lap” it up and would really enjoy it.  Yet, when we first started on the first day, I had my doubts.  Probably my lower self talking once again.  By the time the class was at lunch break my attitude and thinking had changed.  The afternoon and the whole of the next day were an experience not to miss.  As a class we practiced with one another using the techniques we learned on the way.  The proof of the “pudding” for me was on the day after the course where I was leading a committee meeting through some difficult situations.  The meeting flowed, everyone worked together and what had to be accomplished happened.  I believe that using the Pure Awareness techniques and having completed the class the day before enabled me to be grounded and aware of what what was happening at the meeting.

The Pure Awareness techniques are easily applied and can be done quickly for ones self with immediate results.  Thanks Patricia (and Rod) for your inspirational thoughts and words on Pure Awareness.  Bruce


Testimonial for Patricia Coleman

 Pure Awareness & Core Dynamics & Married Relationships

Pure Awareness and the Core Dynamics have come into my life in a very powerful way. Not only have both my wife and I taken the Core Dynamics but my wife, Patricia Coleman, is now also one of the first persons, in Canada, to be certified to teach Pure Awareness and The Core Dynamics.

I first took The 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems in February of 2005 along with Patricia. I found this program to be a very simple, powerful way to get to the core of any issue, both personal issues and/or relationship issues, and resolve it completely without any blame, shame, or guilt.

The 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems has shown me how to take responsibility for all of my actions, reactions, thoughts and behaviors and how to deal with them quickly, efficiently and permanently without any finger pointing, either at others or myself.

I learned techniques called Pure Awareness that I try to use in all of my daily interactions. Bringing Pure Awareness techniques into my married relationship has helped me understand how my childhood imprinting has affected my relationship with my wife and how to deal with “problems” and “issues” quickly and efficiently.

I may have heard a million times the saying, “Eventually we turn into our parents,” and said to myself, “no way and I going to let that happen to me,” a million times but there came a time in my life when I heard myself saying something that sounded like it came right out of one of my parents mouths, for the first time, and how it surprised me. As I grew older I noticed that I was acting and speaking like my parents more and more and the most surprising thing was I didn’t even believe some of the things that I was saying. I would hear it coming out of my mouth and be thinking where did this come from.

Using only the Pure Awareness techniques in my married relationship I have found that patterns of behavior that I have held since even before I was born have changed dramatically or in a lot of cases disappeared entirely. In our relationship, since we both are using the techniques, that all it takes is for one of to recognize that one of us has moved out of balance and into one of the 12 Core Dynamics. We then try to bring it to the others attention and ask, in a calm way, if they would like to be free of what’s troubling them. This brings awareness of the issue to the one of us who is “in” the Dynamic and once we are aware of it, then we can have choice on whether to hang on to it or to let it go.

I have found that these simple and effective techniques, that were a lot of fun to learn, have changed our relationship immensely in just a few short months. All it took was for me to have a little awareness of my imprinting and conditioning and act on either changing it or letting it go. I not only have a lot more compassion for my wife; I have found that I have developed a lot more compassion for myself. I now live in a place of awareness where I realize and feel when I am being triggered by imprinting and conditioning and rather than falling into that energy I can quickly deal it and move on and stay in a place of balance. When I really understood that who I think I am and how I act are not close to the reality of who I truly am, the imprinting and conditioning of who I “thought” I was began to drop away. Using the Pure Awareness techniques and understanding the 12 Core Dynamics my life really began to blossom and open up.

The really amazing thing for me about using nothing more than simple “Awareness” was that usually once my attention and awareness was brought to the fact that I had fallen into one of the Dynamics, that that was all it took for it to disappear. I may have been angry one second but once my awareness was brought to the fact that I had fallen into one the Dynamics that my awareness came to a place of choice. I could either stay in my anger or whatever it was or I could let it go. This simple realization would usually automatically make the shift and it would dissolve and I would start laughing and really feel all of my being laughing along with me. The little bumps that used to bother me that would grow into mountains now no longer have the energy to do so. I have learned a simple, powerful way of not feeding into the energy of my imprinting and conditioning.

Pure Awareness and the 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems are tools that are very simple to learn and quite easy to integrate into daily life and can rapidly help make quite dramatic changes in ones ability to deal with life long imprinting and conditioning. I have found that these tools are very valuable to use and the more that I use them the more conscious I feel that I am of my actions and reactions and the more that I automatically go to the tools.

I highly recommend Pure Awareness and the 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems to anyone who is interested in having healthier relationships not only with their partners but with everyone that they interact with each and every day and most importantly of all, with themselves. Of course I highly recommend Patricia Coleman as an amazing teacher/coach. She always holds a field in her classes that makes it feel safe, encouraging, and fun. Rod Coleman – 2006

Patricia is conscientious, educated, loving and kind.  She doesn’t miss an opportunity to give herself on-going education in new cutting edge technologies and methods to support and self empower her clients.  Patricia lives what she teaches. My experience of Patricia is that she teaches with passion and clarity allowing the frequency of her words to touch every cell of my body.  She practically delivers what you need to hear. 

If she’s teaching, don’t miss out. Susan Wight


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