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Food for thought

If you happen to get too close to the truth or to a true teacher,

The ego will have you out of there as soon as possible.

It will have you reading other books and visiting other teachers.

In other words, the ego needs you to remain the seeker.

It does not want you to arrive at the goal.

And once again, what is the goal?

The goal is to be still and silent.

To be awake in the present moment and

Know yourself as the One who is fully present.

It is known as Silence. It is known as Silence.

There is nothing left of you from the past or future.

There are no thoughts.

Just a silent Presence in a breathing body,

Which is fully present with that which is present.

Learn simple and effective techniques to begin to ‘be’ with yourself!


   Everything <> Life  

 Everything that occurs — everything that has occurred, is occurring, and ever will occur — is the outward physical manifestation of your innermost thoughts, choices, ideas, and determinations regarding Who You Are and Who You Choose to Be. Condemn not, therefore, those aspects of life with which you disagree. Seek instead to change them, and the conditions that made them possible. Behold the darkness, yet curse it not. Rather, be a light unto the darkness, and so transform it. Let your light so shine before men, that those who stand in the darkness will be illumined by the light of your being, and all of you will see, at last, Who You Really Are. 

I am a master of the universe, my light shines through and radiates to all who are near me.  I positively affect those about me, helping them to see themselves in the same light of the universe.  I choose to help others and in doing so strengthen myself and the universe.  It is an honour to do so and to be at one with the universe. 

Thank you for this opportunity, please guide me and help me to choose wisely. 




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