Qigong Gratitude

Thanksgiving –

The Importance of Being Truly Grateful

The Many Expressions of Gratitude in Chinese from a great Qigong Master –

My feeling is that Gratitude is the highest vibration in this world of energy.
It is the most important thing you can do for yourself –
Find a way to be grateful every day, every hour, and every moment –
Then see for yourself how it can increase your Joy!

  • Gàn ēn dé: Thanks in everyday life every moment, a grateful heart, thanksgiving
  • Gàn: To touch, to move emotionally, to feel appreciation for
  • Gàn yìn ēn dé: Response to the virtuous heart
  • Gàn jué ēn dé: Feelings of or to gratitude
  • Gàn wu: ̀ Comprehension from the heart, a certain kind of opening or understanding from the heart and mind
  • Gàn huái ēn dé: Feeling the carrying or holding, touched or moved by the holding of the virtue
  • Gàn jī ēn dé: Emotion, touched, thanking from the bottom of your heart, emotionally touched, involved.
  • Gàn xiè ēn dé: Feeling thanks for the virtuous gift
  • Gàn bào ēn dé: Return and repay with action

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Yan Xin Qigong Home Page
“Dr. Yan Xin is a sage of our times.” –U.S. President George Bush, 1990.
A doctor, researcher and scientist of our potential.

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